Live in NSW? Click to find out how many guns are in your suburb


Gun Control Australia (GCA) is calling for immediate legislative change to limit the number of guns to five (5) for all firearm licence holders (exception being collectors). 

 The call comes in response to new research by the Greens which shows private arsenals are taking place in suburbia and a spike in the overall number of guns in NSW:

 The figures shows there are 100 individuals across the state who own more than 70 guns with one individual in Sydney owns 305 guns. The figures exclude gun collectors and dealers.

The total number of guns in NSW has jumped by 65,000 in just two years. There are now over 900,000 registered guns in NSW.

The ability to acquire so many guns is evidence the system is failing the public safety test. GCA will be writing to the NSW Auditor General requesting the permit to acquire system be investigated for any failings.