About GCA

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Our Vision

To reduce gun-related incidents, injuries and deaths, so that Australians can live without fear of gun violence.

Our Organisation

We are:

  • the representative body for the majority of Australians who support uniform, effective and sensible firearms regulation
  • the only organisation in Australia that focuses solely on advocating for strong firearms policy and legislation
  • a not-for-profit, community-led organisation run entirely by volunteers, and funded by community donations, and
  • not aligned with any political party or government body. 

Our Aim

To maintain sensible and strong gun laws by:

  • informing the public about the status of gun laws and policy
  • highlighting the influence of the gun lobby in Australia, and exposing political deals that weaken our gun laws
  • collecting and sharing firearm-related data, including registered firearms, stolen firearms, and gun-related violence
  • standing up against attempts to introduce an American-style gun culture into Australia, and
  • advocating for full compliance with the National Firearms Agreement – the landmark pact agreed to by all states and territories following the 1996 Port Arthur massacre.


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