About GCA


To reduce gun violence, injury and death in Australia, so lives can be lived without fear of gun violence.



Gun Control Australia is the only organization in Australia that solely focuses on gun control and monitoring gun laws.

Gun Control Australia is a not-for-profit, community-led organisation dedicated to preventing gun-related deaths and injury through a public health approach – prevention before cure.

The organisation supports uniform, effective and sensible gun legislation and policy.

We are the only organisation in Australia that solely focuses on gun control and strives to improve Australia’s gun laws by:

  • Highlighting the influence of the gun lobby in Australia
  • Exposing political deals at a State and Federal level that seek to weaken our gun laws
  • Informing the public about the changes to gun laws
  • Collecting data on stolen firearms, gun numbers gun crime and gun injury
  • Monitoring the rise in a gun culture
  • Standing up to attempts to introduce an American gun culture into Australia

We are not aligned to any political party or government body. We are funded by community donations and staffed by all volunteers.

We strive to rigorously uphold the honouring of the National Firearms Agreement which was enacted in 1996 following the Port Arthur massacre.  The NFA was established after a massacre that took place at Port Arthur in Tasmania in 1996. At this massacre, a 28-year-old man, Martin Bryant, used high powered long arms to kill 35 people injure 20 others.

Before this massacre, each state and territory had different gun laws. After the massacre all jurisdictions significantly changed their gun laws to meet standards set out in the National Firearm Agreement which includes: a national registration and licensing system, safe storage standards, a genuine reason to own a firearm and gun ownership being a privilege rather than a right. 


Australia’s Gun Laws Save lives

  • Australia has not seen a public mass shooting since 1996  
  • Gun violence has halved in Australia
  • Australia has the most comprehensive gun laws in the world


The Problem Today

  • Australian arms dealers have imported more guns than ever before
  • The million guns destroyed after Port Arthur have been replaced with 1,026,000 new ones
  • Australia's national arsenal of private guns is larger than it was before the 1996 Port Arthur massacre
  • Criminal and mental health checks are no longer required for those wanting to obtain a second or additional general hunting firearm
  • There are now 8 pro gun parliamentarians
  • Rapid style firearms are being imported as general hunting rifle
  • Silencers have been given for recreational hunters
  • Although semi-automatic longarms are been banned the shorter equivalent – semi automatic handguns- are not banned and remain legally available across Australia.
  • A major source for guns fallen into the black market is theft from legal gun owners.
  • National Parks have been opened up to recreational hunting
  • Protections to prevent guns used in domestic violence situations are being eroded