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The Problem

Australia's gun laws are the key to protecting the public from the unnecessary threat of firearms. Gun Control Australia advocates for the protection and, where necessary, strengthening of Australia's gun laws in the face of a powerful and growing gun lobby. 

National Party call for use of guns for self-defence

'Dumb and Dangerous' is how GCA is describing  National Party call to allow guns for self-defence   Dumb and dangerous is what Gun Control Australia (GCA) is calling Mr. Barilaro’s, the Deputy Premier of NSW and leader of the Nationals, call for the use of firearms for self-defence.  http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/nationals-leader-john-barilaro-accused-of-encouraging-vigilantes-with-gun-selfdefence-inquiry-20171122-gzqxtr.html Samantha Lee, Chair of GCA states, “There is no other way to describe the call for the use of guns for self-defence other than dumb and dangerous. Mr. Barilaro has been watching too many movies.”  “Self-defence is the same argument used time and time again by the National Rifle Association (NRA) to justify the blocking of any restriction on the availability of high powered firearms, and look at how well that has panned out for the America”, says MS Lee. “If Mr. Barilaro were to look at the statistics he would discover that guns kept in the home for self–defence is more likely to be involved in a fatal or nonfatal accidental shooting, criminal assault, or suicide attempt.” Research released this year by the Violence Policy Centre in America shows that in 2014, the most recent year for which data is available, there were only 224 homicides where a person was found to have legally used a gun for self-defence, compared to 7,670 criminal firearm homicides. The study also reveals that in eighteen States there were zero justifiable homicides. http://www.vpc.org/press/self-defence-gun-use-is-rare-new-vpc-study-confirms-2/ With the New England bi-election, and the NSW state election coming up, political parties will be competing for the gun lobby vote in marginal seats with the National Party and Shooters Party trying to out do each other. A report released by GCA this year, about the state of Australia’s gun laws reveals our laws are in in steady decline and have been eroded after decades of political pressure.  GCA is putting the New South Wales public on notice that the states gun laws are in big trouble and the Queensland and NSW state elections could see the further demise of a national gun laws.