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In 1996, 35 Australians were killed and 18 injured by one man with semi-automatic rifles at Port Arthur. That massacre led to smarter regulation of firearm ownership, storage and movement, including a national registration program, licensing system, and a ban on semi-automatic rifles.

These laws greatly reduced homicides, suicides, robberies and massacres with a firearm across Australia.

The problem today

In the last decade, a well-financed and resourced gun lobby has been eroding firearm legislation bit by bit.

The Liberal Democratic Party have a seat in the Australian Senate. The LDP advo- cate for the right to carry handguns for self defence. 

In NSW a gun lobby group, the Shooters and Fishers Party, now holds the balance of power in the NSW Upper House, and also has a representative in the Western Australian parliament.

With that power they have brought us shooting in national parks; removed the 28 day waiting period for anyone wishing to purchase the same type of firearm to one they have already registered, regard- less of their criminal record or mental state; and made it no longer necessary to show a good reason why you require a second or subsequent firearm.

As gun laws have fallen the number of firearms in our community has risen – and the connection to gun violence is frighteningly real. The majority of illegal guns now on the black-market in Austra- lia were stolen from legal gun owners.

In all, a staggering 9,000 firearms have been stolen nation-wide since 2004.

In the State of NSW, since 2011, there have been an average of 20 drive-by shootings every month. In November, one of those victims was a 13-year-old girl. 

Our stance

We’re not seeking zero gun ownership. We simply support sensible regulation that puts the safety of the many ahead of the desire of few who seek to erode our gun laws. 

What the GCA seeks to achieve

- Make semi-automatic handguns (the same kind used in massacres in America) illegal in Australia.

- Oppose the self-interested actions of an increasingly powerful gun lobby.

- Scrutinise and publicise the major parties’ dealing with the gun lobby and put pressure on them not to do deals with the Shooters and Fishers Party and LDP that put public safety at risk.

- Ensure our gun laws remain the envy of the world

- Reinstate tight gun laws 

Our Policies

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We can’t go back to weak gun laws – our lives depend on it.