Pro Forma email asking your MP to ban political donations from the gun lobby.

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Dear {insert name of MP}


Subject: Seeking your support to ban donations from the gun industry


On 28 April 1996, a man armed with two military-style semi-automatic rifles shot dead 35 people wounded 18 others in and around the historic area known as Port Arthur in Tasmania.

In response to the mass killing, Australia’s then Prime Minister, John Howard, gained bi-partisan support from all nine state, territory and Commonwealth governments to introduce sweeping changes to Australia’s gun laws. 

The reforms to our gun laws have made Australia a safe place.

But a recent report commissioned by Gun Control Australia (GCA) into the state of Australia’s gun laws reveals that after decades of political pressure from a growing NRA-style gun lobby here in Australia - our gun laws are in decline. 

The gun lobby in Australia has deep pockets, close ties to governments and affiliation with the NRA in America. GCA has collated financial disclosure figures from state and commonwealth Electoral Commission’s to reveal the gun lobby has donated over 1 million dollars to political parties and their entities for the period 2015 to 2018.

Political donations are rarely made without the donor wanting something in return. In the case of the gun lobby, the return is weaker gun laws. 

I am calling on you as a Minister of Parliament to support a complete ban on political donations from the gun industry which like tobacco, alcohol, mining and gambling industries all share the consequences of public health detriment


Your sincerely

(insert you name)