NZ Shooting

Statement on the New Zealand massacre

Gun Control Australia offers our thoughts and condolences to all Muslim communities across the pacific and to all New Zealanders affected by this senseless act of violence. From our work we know that the road ahead will be a long and hard one for both those directly involved, and for the nation as a whole. 

This act is a stark reminder that one of the most basic freedoms of all communities both here and across the pacific is the right to live without fear of gun violence.

We are deeply saddened that the Australian citizen involved in the attack obtained a gun licence and high-powered firearms to inflict unspeakable grief on a specific community.

There is still a lot we don’t know about the incident and how 28-year-old Brenton Tarrant came to acquire a New Zealand gun licence and five guns: two semi-automatics rifles, two shotguns and a lever action firearm. We also don’t know if he holds a New South Wales gun licence.

GCA will be making a further statement once additional information becomes avaliable.

A Fact Sheet about the disparity between New Zealand gun laws and those of other developed nations can be accessed here: 


With deepest sympathy

Samantha Lee

Gun Control Australia