Remove Guns from our Schools

Tell the NSW Education Minister that guns don't belong in our schools!

A number of Sydney private schools such as Scots College, Newington College and Kings College have firing ranges on their campuses for student use.
While replica guns and knives are banned in schools, real loaded guns with live ammunition are allowed.
39% of firearm related hospitalisation is unintentional, with men between 15 and 24 accounting for highest per-capita levels of gun-related injury.
School shooting ranges send mixed messages to students, normalising gun use for minors whom are still learning responsibility for their actions.
Schools which wish to offer target shooting as a sport should do so at existing regulated firing ranges in the community - not on school grounds.
Gun Control Australia does not believe that there’s a place for loaded firearms on school property and is calling on the NSW Education Minister to ban their use in schools.
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