Ban Semi-Automatic Handguns

In Australia semi-automatic longarms are banned but semi-automatic handguns are not.

Semi-automatic handguns are the weapon of choice for criminals. They are easily concealed, increased magazine capacity, easy to conceal and high-powered.

Semi-automatic handguns are just the same as semi-automatic long arms, but only smaller. These firearms are mostly stored and owned by people in urban areas.

Since 2011 over 16,000 handguns have been imported into Australia each year for civilian possession.

There are over 172,00 registered handguns in Australia. The majority of these handguns being semi-automatics.

Handguns have become the firearm of choice for firearm-related crime.  

Handguns are by far the most common weapons seized from serious organized crime figures.

Homicides committed by an individual using a handgun are more likely to result in multiple victims than homicides in general.

Handgun have become the predominant firearm used in armed robberies. 

Handguns are the firearms of choice for drive-by shootings.