Our Gun Laws are in Decline



Key research findings:

  • no State or Territory complies with the National Firearms Agreement
  • four previous formal reports on legislative compliance with the NFA have shown a continual lack of compliance with the NFA
  • the erosion of our gun laws has acceleration of since the last report prepared by Professor Kate Warner in 2006
  • the states where the laws have been most diluted are: New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia.
  • when one jurisdiction erodes its laws the other states tend to follow significantly weaken the national framework


Major erosions to state laws include:

  • diluting regulations around ownership and possession of high powered firearms
  • allowing minors to possess and use firearms, even without a permit despite the NFA requiring all firearm licence holders to be at least 18 years of age
  • removal of the “cooling-off period” when acquiring second or subsequent hunting rifles and shotguns
  • allowing members of the public to shoot unlicensed at gun clubs
  • allowing the use of high-powered semi-automatic firearms during 6-month probationary period
  • unlimited possession of ammunition
  • weakening of genuine reason to obtain a hunting licence


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